2022 MTV Nuclear Engineering Summer School

The 2022 MTV Nuclear Engineering Summer School is an 8-week program that will cover a range of topics and techniques that benefit student researchers at all academic levels. Students interested in strengthening their research capabilities are invited to register for the upcoming summer school. Classes will be taught in a hybrid format (UM’s campus and via Zoom) by MTV faculty, national lab scientists, and senior Ph.D. students.

Lecture topics include:

  • Nuclear Engineering Background
  • Gamma Detection
  • Neutron Detection
  • Active Interrogation
  • Monte Carlo
  • Radiation Imaging
  • Fission
  • Special Applications

There is no cost to participate! An MTV completion certificate will be awarded to participants who attend 80% of lectures.

To register click HERE

Please email Shaun Clarke, clarkesd@umich.edu, or Courtney Wagoner, cwagoner@umich.edu, with any questions.


All lectures occur at 1:00 – 2:30 pm (ET) unless otherwise noted.

Presentation DateLecture Topic/ThemePresenter
Week 1Basic Nuclear physics for nuclear engineers
June 14Policy for nuclear engineersDr. Aditi Verma (UM)
June 15History of Los Alamos National LaboratoryDr. Alan Carr (LANL)
June 16Nuclear structure and forcesStefano Marin
Week 2Gamma Rays
June 21Physics of gamma-raysRicardo Lopez
June 22Gamma-ray detectionDr. Oskari Pakari (UM)
June 23TBD**TBD**
Week 3Neutrons
June 28Physics of neutronsJuliann Lamproe
June 29Neutron detectionFlynn Darby
June 30Non-destructive assay techniquesDr. Azaree Lintereur (PSU)
Week 4Monte Carlo
July 12Introduction to Monte CarloDr. Shaun Clarke (UM)
July 13Simulating radiation detectorsFlynn Darby
July 14Nuclear data and MCNPDr. Nicholas Thompson (LANL)
Week 5Active Interrogation
July 19Underlying physics for active interrogationAbbas Jinia
July 20Detection concepts for active interrogationChris Meert
July 21TBD**Dr. Cameron Miller (DHS/CWMD)
Week 6Radiation Imaging
July 26Imaging methodsRicardo Lopez
July 27TBD** Dr. Peter Marleau (SNL)
July 28TBD**TBD**
Week 7Fission
August 2Fission FragmentsStefano Marin
August 3Fission neutrons and gamma-raysNathan Giha
August 4TBD**Dr. Matthew Devlin (LANL)
Week 8Special Applications
August 9Radioxenon detectionLeah Clark
August 10Medical Applications of RadiationNoora Ba Sunbul
August 11TBD**Dr. Ciara Sivels (APL)
** Lecture title due to change