2024 MTV Interactive Graduate School Experience

Graduate Students standing next to a machine

Are you an undergraduate or master’s student thinking about graduate school in nuclear science and engineering? Join us June 10-13 for an introduction to graduate school on the University of Michigan campus.

Students will learn about Ph.D. research and graduate school day-to-day expectations by participating in:

  • Roundtable discussions with current graduate students
  • Networking events with faculty and national laboratory scientists
  • Hands-on laboratory experiments and demonstrations

Participating U-M Laboratories include:

  • Detection for Nuclear Nonproliferation Group, Prof. Sara Pozzi
  • Neutron Science Laboratory, Prof. Igor Jovanovic
  • Position-Sensing Semiconductor Radiation Detector Laboratory, Prof. Zhong He
  • Radiation Detection and Measurement Group, Prof. David Wehe
  • Radiological Health Engineering Laboratory, Prof. Kimberlee Kearfott

For those students accepted into the program, travel and hosted meals will be covered by MTV Consortium!

Applicants must be a U.S. citizen. 

Applications are due by May 10, 2024: https://forms.gle/f18R93EQYWit8SwC7