DRAFT – UK-US Academic Network – Agenda Overview

UK-US Academic Network in Nuclear Security and  Nonproliferation Skills

April 27, 2021
10:00 Workshop Welcome, Paul Sellin, University of Surrey
10:15 Consortium for Monitoring, Technology, and Verification Overview, Sara Pozzi, University of Michigan
10:30 Consortium for Enabling Technologies & Innovation Overview, Anna Erickson, Georgia Institute of Technology
10:45 Nuclear Science and Security Consortium Overview, Jasmina Vujic, University of California at Berkeley
11:00 UK Programs Overview, Robin Grimes, Imperial College of London
11:15 BREAK
Science for Nonproliferation Talks
11:30 Watchman, Matthew Malek, The University of Sheffield
11:45 Neutrinos for nuclear security, Patrick Huber, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
12:00 Event-by-Event Neutron and Photon Multiplicity Correlations in Nuclear Fission, Shaun Clarke, University of Michigan
12:15 Nuclear Data, Computing and Optimization in Nuclear Applications, Vladimir Sobes, The University of Tennessee
12:30 Nuclear Applications of Cosmic-ray Muography, Ralf Kaiser, University of Glasgow
12:45 Radiochemistry and Nuclear Chemistry, Rebecca Abergel, University of California, Berkeley
13:00 The Use of High-Throughput Methods for Signature Definition in Metal Additive Manufacturing, Dan Thoma, University of Wisconsin-Madison
13:15 30 min Breakout
13:45 Adjourn meeting
April 28, 2021
Radiation Detection of Nonproliferation Signatures Talks
10:00 Innovations in the detection of nuclear materials:  novel plastic scintillators and organic photodiodes, Bernard Kippelen, Georgia Institute of Technology
10:15 Scintillator Materials, Chuck Melcher, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
10:30 Wide bandgap electronics and sensors for nuclear fuel cycle monitoring, L. Raymond Cao, The Ohio State University
10:45 Neutron/gamma-ray detection/PSD, Andrew Boston, University of Liverpool
11:00 Three-Dimensional Position-Sensitive Room-Temperature Semiconductor Gamma-Ray Spectrometers & Imagers, Zhong He, University of Michigan
11:15 Multi-Sensor Fusion and 3D Mapping, Kai Vetter, University of California, Berkeley
11:30 Nuclear Security and Nonproliferation Research in the Applied Nuclear Science Group at the University of Michigan, Igor Jovanovic, University of Michigan
11:45 BREAK
Machine Learning
12:00 Machine Learning (UK), Stephen McLaughlin, Heriot-Watt University
12:15 Robotics, John Fisher, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
12:30 Deep-learning/big-data, Milton Garces, University of Hawaii
12:45 Nuclear Materials Science, Peter Hosemann, University of California, Berkeley
13:00 Plutonium Attribution Methodology Development using Experimental and Data Science Methods, Sunil Chirayath, Texas A&M University
13:15 30 min Breakout
13:45 Adjourn meeting