New MTV-COE Fellowship for Excellence and Diversity Recipients Announced

A collage of the recipients for the MTV COE Fellowship for Excellence and Diversity

The Consortium for Monitoring, Technology, and Verification (MTV) and Michigan Engineering are proud to announce three recipients of the new MTV-COE Fellowship for Excellence and Diversity! The new fellowship is in alignment with MTV’s mission to develop new technologies that detect and deter nuclear proliferation activities and train the next generation of nuclear professionals.
Prabhjot Kaur is working on gamma-ray imaging and characterization with 3-D position sensitive pixelated Cadmium Zinc Telluride, focused on nuclear nonproliferation. Kaur is working on a handheld system that allows for real-time source location, characterization, and 3D gamma-ray imaging. 
Ricardo Lopez is working on particle imaging with the intent of finding application in nuclear safeguards and nuclear nonproliferation fields. Specifically, his research involves utilizing silicon photomultiplier arrays and organic scintillator detectors. Lopez recently led the development of a new version of the handheld dual particle imager (H2DPI). 
Tessa Maurer is working on artificial neural networks with applications in photon-based active interrogation scenarios and has been aiding in the development/characterization of a new organic glass scintillating material with the potential for radioxenon monitoring.