Dr. Allen Seifert


Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

[email protected]


National Laboratory Representative


Allen Seifert joined Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in 2004 and is currently a Senior Research Scientist in the Detection Physics group. Dr. Seifert received his Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering from the University of Michigan in 2004, with a doctoral thesis focusing on sub-micron x-ray tomography. At PNNL, he has led several MTV-related projects, including the PNNL LDRD Dual Mode Imaging project, the NA-22-funded Low-Intrusion Techniques and Sensitive Information Management for Warhead Counting and Verification project, and the Intrinsic Information Barriers for Imaging venture. Over the last ~15+ years, Dr. Seifert has done significant work in designing, constructing, characterizing, and optimizing the performance of PNNL’s Ultra-Low-Background Proportional Counters (ULBPCs), becoming a leading expert at PNNL in gas-proportional counters. Dr. Seifert has served as both a principal investigator and project manager across numerous projects involving the use of the ULBPCs, the design and construction of an ultra-low-background shielding/counting system built specifically for use with ULBPCs, and related applied research.