mtv 2020 attendees
MTV 2020 Workshop Attendees

Welcome to the Consortium for Monitoring, Technology, and Verification (MTV)

The Consortium for Monitoring, Technology, and Verification (MTV) is a consortium of 14 universities and 13 national laboratories led by the University of Michigan. MTV’s mission is to develop new technologies that detect and deter nuclear proliferation activities and to train the next generation of nuclear professionals.

Preventing the spread of nuclear weapons is one of the central challenges facing our society today. The development of a nuclear weapons program by a state actor, or the acquisition of a nuclear device by a rogue organization, has the potential for creating domestic unrest, political instability, and economic disruption on the national and global scale. Therefore, efforts are urgently needed to ensure the timely detection and understanding of the signatures of nuclear proliferation, including detection and characterization of fissile material at all stages of the nuclear fuel cycle. 

MTV is addressing these challenges, and significantly advancing the national capability to detect and characterize foreign nuclear weapons development programs and detect activities not in compliance with current treaty obligations. We are addressing gaps and challenges in the technologies needed to monitor and verify nuclear capabilities around the world by executing research projects in close collaboration with the national laboratories. Our effort is focused on three technical thrust areas: (i) fundamentals of nuclear and particle physics, (ii) signals and source terms for nuclear nonproliferation, and (iii) nuclear explosion monitoring. Cross-cutting areas of MTV  include: (1) modeling and simulation, (2) nuclear policy, and (3) education and outreach.

Map of participants with MTV in the US

MTV is deeply delving into the physics and chemistry of fission, discovering new relevant science, delivering advanced technologies to monitor special nuclear material at all stages of the nuclear fuel cycle, and significantly improving our ability to detect and characterize a nuclear explosion. We will educate over 200 B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. students, ensuring that they have the required skills, vision, and commitment to further our nation’s nuclear nonproliferation agenda. These students will be an integral part of the research activities, including joint work at the national laboratories through internships with their advisors. MTV will provide a strong pipeline for the future NNSA workforce, launching careers within the national laboratories, government, academia, and industry.