2023 MTV Nuclear Engineering Summer School

Student working at computer during Nuclear Engineering Summer School

The 2023 MTV Nuclear Engineering Summer School is an 8-week program that will cover a range of topics and techniques that benefit student researchers at all academic levels. Students interested in strengthening their research capabilities are invited to register for the upcoming summer school. Classes will be taught in a hybrid format (UM’s campus and via Zoom) by MTV faculty, national lab scientists, and senior Ph.D. students.

Lecture topics include:

  • General Nuclear Topics
  • Gamma Detection
  • Neutron Detection
  • Monte Carlo
  • Radiation Imaging
  • Fission
  • Special Applications

There is no cost to participate! A completion certificate will be awarded to participants who attend 80% of lectures.

If the presenter gives permission, the lecture recording will be linked below by the end of each week.  

Registration link: https://forms.gle/EREwkqWQ1bqompCd6 

Please email Courtney Wagoner at [email protected], with any questions.


All lectures occur at 1:00 – 2:00 pm (ET) unless otherwise noted.

Presentation Date Lecture Topic/Theme Presenter
Week 1 General Nuclear Topics  

June 13

*1:00-2:30 p.m. ET

Nuclear structure and forces Alexander Kavner (U. Michigan)
June 14

Radiation detection and its applications

Dr. Richard Kouzes (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory) 
June 15 Nuclear science, technology, and policy

Prof. Sonja D. Schmid (Virginia Tech U.)

Week 2 Gamma Rays  
June 20 Physics of gamma-rays Peter Hotvedt (U. Michigan)
June 21 Gamma-ray detection Ricardo Lopez (U. Michigan)
June 22 TIBr and other alternative semiconductor materials Erik Hall (U. Michigan)
Week 3 Neutrons  
June 27 Physics of neutrons Juliann Lamproe (U. Michigan)
June 28 Neutron detection Oskar Searfus (U. Michigan)
June 29 Neutron resonance transmission analysis Dr. Ethan Klein (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Week 4 Radiation Imaging  
July 11 Imaging methods Ricardo Lopez (U. Michigan)
July 12 Coded aperture imaging Alexander Rice (U. Michigan)
July 13 H3D CZT imager Prabhjot Kaur (U. Michigan)
Week 5 Monte Carlo  
July 18 Introduction to Monte Carlo Dr. Shaun Clarke (U. Michigan)
July 19 Simulating radiation detectors Flynn Darby (U. Michigan)
July 20 Nuclear data evaluation and integral experiment design Prof. Chris Perfetti (U. New Mexico)
Week 6 Special Applications  
July 25 Monitoring and verification technologies Dr. Michael Hamel (Sandia National Lab)
July 26 Radioxenon detection  Caryanne Wilson (U. Michigan)
July 27 Nuclear science and engineering outreach Mackenzie Warwick (U. Michigan)
Week 7 Fission  
August 1 Fission fragments Kyle Beyer (U. Michigan)
August 2 Fission neutrons and gamma rays Nathan Giha (U. Michigan)
August 3 Probing fission fragment angular momenta by photon measurements  Dr. Ramona Vogt (Lawrence Livermore National Lab)
Week 8 Special Applications  
August 8 Radiation protection of the patient in radiation therapy Prof. Angela Di Fulvio (U. of Illinois, Urbana-Champagne) 
August 9 Non-destructive assay nuclear measurements Dr. Valerie Nwadeyi (Savannah River National Lab)
August 10 Advanced radiotherapy treatment planning Prof. Martha Matuszak (U. Michigan)