2021 MTV Nuclear Engineering Summer School

The 2021 MTV Nuclear Engineering Summer School is an 8-week program that will cover a range of topics and techniques that benefit student researchers at all academic levels. Students interested in strengthening their research capabilities are invited to register for the upcoming summer school. Classes will be taught virtually by MTV faculty, national lab scientists, and senior Ph.D. students.

Course topics include:

  • Nuclear Engineering Background
  • Gamma Detection
  • Neutron Detection
  • Organic Scintillation Detectors
  • Analyzing Experimental Data (Including special nuclear material!)

There is no cost to participate! An MTV completion certificate will be awarded to participants who attend 80% of live lectures. 

Please email Shaun Clarke, [email protected], with any questions.


Click on the lecture title to view a recorded presentation. All lectures occur at 1:00 – 2:30 pm (ET)

1:  Basic nuclear physics for nuclear engineers
1-JunPolicy Considerations for Nuclear ScientistsDr. Bethany Goldblum (LBNL)
2-JunNuclear Structure and ForcesStefano Marin
3-JunTypes of RadiationRicardo Lopez
2: Gamma rays
8-JunPhysics of Gamma-raysLeah Clark
9-JunGamma-ray DetectionNoora Ba Sunbul
3: Neutrons
15-JunPhysics of NeutronsJuliann Lamproe
16-JunNeutron DetectionChris Meert
17-JunNondestructive Assay for Nuclear SafeguardsDr. Alexis Trahan (LANL)
4: Detector Characterization
22-JunPhysics Affecting CharacterizationStefano Marin
23-JunCharacterization MethodsAbbas Jinia
24-JunDetector Characterization ResearchProf. Igor Jovanovic (UM)
5: Monte Carlo
29-JunIntroduction to Monte CarloDr. Shaun Clarke
30-JunSimulating Radiation DetectorsDr. Shaun Clarke
1-JulMonte Carlo MethodsProf. Chris Perfetti (UNM)
7/5 – 7/9, BREAK
6: Fission
14-JulThe Physics of Nuclear FissionDr. Jørgen Randrup (LBNL)
15-JulNeutrons & Gammas from FissionNathan Giha
16-JulModeling Fission in FREYADr. Ramona Vogt (LLNL)
7: Active Interrogation
20-JulUnderlying Physics of Active InterrogationAbbas Jinia
21-JulDetection concepts for Active InterrogationChris Meert
22-JulActive Interrogation at LBNLDr. Cameron Geddes (LBNL)
8: Imaging / Radioxenon
27-JulRadiation ImagingRicardo Lopez
28-JulRadioxenon DetectionLeah Clark
29-JulThe Single Volume Scatter Camera ProjectDr. Melinda Sweany (SNL)