2021 NESS – June 24

Detector Characterization Research

Prof. Igor Jovanovic

University of Michigan

Dr. Jovanovic is a Professor of Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences and Applied Physics at the University of Michigan, Director of Neutron Science Laboratory (NSL) and Applied Nuclear Science Instrumentation Laboratory (ANSIL), and the leader of the Applied Nuclear Science Group. He also serves as the Chair of the Graduate Program in Nuclear Engineering and Radiological Sciences.

Dr. Jovanovic received his Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering from the University of California, Berkeley in 2001. He held a staff physicist position at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and was also a professor at Purdue and Penn State University. His research focuses on the applications of nuclear science as well as laser science and technology to nuclear security and nonproliferation and has been supported by DOE, NSF, DHS, DARPA, DTRA, and NRC. He serves as an Associate Director for National Laboratories in the NNSA Consortium for Monitoring, Technology, and Verification and the thrust area lead for Nuclear and Particle Physics.