2021 MTV Nuclear Engineering Summer School

The 2021 MTV Nuclear Engineering Summer School is an 8-week program that will cover a range of topics and techniques that benefit student researchers at all academic levels. Students interested in strengthening their research capabilities are invited to register for the upcoming summer school. Classes will be taught virtually by MTV faculty, national lab scientists, and senior Ph.D. students.

Course topics include:

  • Nuclear Engineering Background
  • Gamma Detection
  • Neutron Detection
  • Organic Scintillation Detectors
  • Analyzing Experimental Data (Including special nuclear material!)

There is no cost to participate! An MTV completion certificate will be awarded to participants who attend 80% of live lectures. 

To reserve your seat, register by completing the Google form linked here.

Working Agenda – lecture times are forthcoming. But, they will occur after 1 pm (ET).

1:  Basic nuclear physics for nuclear engineers, Week of June 2
Policy considerations for fundamental radiation detection research Dr. Bethany Goldblum (LBNL)
Nuclear structure and forces Stefano Marin
Types of radiation Ricardo Lopez
2: Gamma rays, Week of June 8
Physics Leah Clark
Detection Noora Ba Sunbul
Guest (Open)  
3: Neutrons, Week of June 15
Physics Juliann Lamproe
Detection Chris Meert
Neutron detection and safeguards Dr. Alexis Trahan (LANL)
4: Detector Characterization, Week of June 22
Physics affecting characterization Noora Ba Sunbul
Characterization Methods Abbas Jinia
Guest  Prof. Igor Jovanovic (UM)
5: Monte Carlo, Week of June 29
Physics Dr. Shaun Clarke
Connection to radiation detection Dr. Shaun Clarke
Monte Carlo Methods Prof. Chris Perfetti (UNM)
6: Fission, Week of July 14
Physics Stefano Marin
Neutrons & gammas from fission Nathan Giha
Guests Dr. Jorgen Randrup (LBNL)
Dr. Ramona Vogt (LBNL)
7: Active Interrogation, Week of July 20
Physics Abbas Jinia
Detection Chris Meert
Active Interrogation at LBNL Dr. Cameron Geddes (LBNL)
8: Imaging / Radioxenon, Week of July 27
Imaging Ricardo Lopez
MTV Radioxenon  Leah Clark
Gamma-ray imaging, Single Volume Scatter Camera Dr. Melinda Sweany (SNL)