Congrats to Ph.D. student Ricardo Lopez!

Ricardo Lopez, University of Michigan Ph.D. student and MTV-COE Excellence and Diversity Fellow, received the prestigious Third Place Student Paper Award for his poster “Shielded Californium-252 Measurements Using an Organic Glass Dual Particle Imager” at the recent 2022 IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium, Medical Imaging Conference and Room Temperature Semiconductor Detector (IEEE NSS-MIC-RTSD) Conference in Milan, Italy. Ricardo was among over 300 poster presenters at IEEE NSS-MIC-RTSD! The IEEE NSS-MIC-RTSD is a unique meeting in the field of radiation detectors and instrumentation, with a broad range of applications, fields of study and experiences of the thousands of attendees and presenters.

Ricardo Lopez is working on particle imaging with the intent of finding application in nuclear safeguards and nuclear nonproliferation fields. Specifically, his research involves utilizing silicon photomultiplier arrays and organic scintillator detectors. Lopez recently led the development of a new version of the handheld dual particle imager (H2DPI) based on organic glass scintillators.