2023 Interactive Graduate School Experience Success!

Group of students posing on north campus

The Consortium for Monitoring, Technology, and Verification (MTV) held an Interactive Graduate School Experience on June 26-30, 2023, in Ann Arbor, MI. During this event, MTV welcomed six undergraduate and master’s students with an interest in graduate school to the University of Michigan campus. The students joined us from Fisk University, the University of Michigan, and the University of New Mexico.

The in-person event allowed students to learn about graduate school through roundtable panel discussions with current students and consortia alumni, hands-on laboratory activities, campus tours and networking events.  


Graduate Student Research Panel

Moderator: Dr. Shaun Clarke

Panelists: Kyle Beyer, Colton Graham, Dr. Abbas Jinia, Ricardo Lopez, Tessa Maurer

Applying to Graduate School/Fellowships

Moderator: Dr. Shaun Clarke

Panelists: Juliann Lamproe, Peter Hotvedt, John “Jack” Kuchta, Aaron Tumulak

National Lab Research Experience Panel

Moderator: Dr. Abbas Jinia

Panelists: Juliann Lamproe, Dr. Stefano Marin, Dr. Jason Nattress, Oskar Searfus, Dr. Felicia Sutanto

Laboratory Activities:

ERB2/Scintillator Laboratory, Prof. Sara Pozzi /Tessa Maurer/Ricardo Lopez

Activity: Glass casting

Radiation Detection and Measurement Group Laboratory, Prof. David Wehe/Jack Kuchta

Activity: Changing materials and layers of a cylindrical time-encoded imaging system to look at the change in the count rate of radioactive sources with the use of CAEN CoMPASS.

Radiological Health Engineering (RHE), Prof. Kim Kearfott/Hythem Beydoun

Activity: Build Geiger counter and perform various experiences

Position-Sensing Semiconductor Radiation Detector Laboratory, Prof. Zhong He/Prabhjot Kaur/Peter Hotvedt

Activity: Introduction to research done in lab and conduct measurements using the Gladys or Orion CZT systems

Detection for Nuclear Nonproliferation Laboratory (DNNG), Prof. Sara Pozzi/Ricardo Lopez/Tessa Maurer

Activity: Hands-on experience with nuclear material imaging and portal monitors for nuclear non-proliferation.